Do I have a book in me?

If I do, it currently weighs about 10lbs! And someone keeps adding pages to it!

My gorgeous friend Suzana Barton who I met on Instagram….how is that not weird anymore, that I actually feel a real affinity to someone I have never met. I suppose it makes it more understandable how people all over the world start off as pen pals and then decide to get married without ever actually meeting. In case you are reading this Suzana, that is not a proposal!

Anyway, I digress, Suzana and actually several others read my Instagram nonsense and tell me I should write a book. If I did, it would have to be along the lines of what I always write, my observations of people and things and happenings in everyday life. As amazed as I often am by the responses to my posts, I would be even more amazed that people would want to read a whole book of it.

Maybe though, thats just it, we want to feel like we are not alone, that there are hundreds of thousands of people going through the same stuff everyday. We gain some comfort in knowing that other people walk into lampposts, cant ever find their wallet/keys/phone can no longer see properly, sleep properly or remember anything. We want to know that everyone else puts on weight just from looking at cake.

My posts on the things that annoy me make other people feel better which I love. My gripes aren’t a real moan, they are just observations on the less fun side of life. I’m thrilled if they can brighten someone else’s day. It’s what I call the “toe stubbing mentality” Stubbing your toe is one of the most painful things, but somehow, someone else doing it is incredibly funny (or is that just me).

So maybe everyday observations on life are not actually boring and they are in fact deeply reassuring, and maybe I just get better at writing them here instead of snippets in a post and maybe one day, I just stick them all together….?

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  1. I love the “toe stubbing mentality” phrase! Yes it does make it feel better to know others suffer the same silly mishaps and thoughts!

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