“Don’t try”

Charles Bukowski, the American writer and poet has the simple epitaph “Don’t try” on his headstone. While I feel that this is a little drastic “don’t compete” is a concept I could get on board with.

It appears that everywhere you look we are bombarded with somewhat unrealistic expectations of life. Be smarter, richer, happier, more beautiful, more successful. All this does is focus on what you lack, making people think they will be happier and more successful if they have a better job, bigger house, better clothes.

We shouldn’t need to look at ourselves in the mirror every morning and say “I am beautiful” “I am happy” we should just feel those things and accept that you may not be as successful as someone else or as wealthy, but that doesn’t  lessen you as a person. You are still being the best that you can be. Self improvement and success are not necessarily the same thing.

In order to be truly happy, I think you have to stop measuring yourself against other people. Stop competing with anyone but yourself. Be the best that you can be. There are always going to be people out there who have more, look better, live better, but thats just life, and trust me, just because you don’t hear about the bad things in their lives, it doesnt mean they don’t have them.

Accept your limitations, embrace your failures, if you are constantly seeking more you are reaffirming in your subconscious mind that you don’t have enough and you must have more and if you go down this path you will never have enough.



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