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I am Jo Davies and I set up Midlife Highway because there is so much to learn from reaching 50 and going beyond. But the most important thing is that these should be great years filled with fun and laughter and opportunities.

So the night sweats, memory loss, hairs in strange places etc aren’t great, but in the scale of world disasters, they aren’t even on the chart. Most days I can barely remember my name, but that doesnt matter as everyone else in my family does. I don’t know what I want to do or who I want to Beas I go through this stage of life, but that doesnt matter either because there is time to figure this out.

You always here people talk about life being too short. Bollocks! It is literally the longest thing you will do in life. Strap yourself in and joint me on this roller coaster ride. I cant promise you great wisdom or the answers to the universe, but I can promise you laughs, lots of laughs

I have spent years trying and testing various diets, fitness regimes and boot-camps with varying degrees of success. You name it, I’ve tried it.

It was because of this that I realised I could save other women like me huge amounts of time and money by steering them down the right path as we approach our 50’s and beyond.


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