Are you a planner?

You cant always be prepared but that doesnt mean you will fail. You can be prepared for something which means you have planned or you can be prepared for anything which means that you are flexible and can adapt to the situation at hand

This time next week, I will be in Porto in Portugal. This I know. That night, I will be staying in a hostel that I have already booked, allowing myself the luxury of only 6 in the room and all women for my first night of my 2 week Pilgrimage. This is my plan.

The next 13 days are completely un planned. I know that I have 13 days to walk to Santiago de Compostela and that there are a choice of 3 routes. This is well outside my comfort zone. I’m a planner, I don’t really mind what the plan is, I just like to know that there is one. Anna, my walking companion who used to be in the army, is the same, but we have decided that this is good for us. It challenges us, it pushes us out of our comfort zone.

This walk is a safe place to do it. There is a route, there will be places to get food, places to sleep even if we end up in our sleeping bags in a field under the stars.

I have small flutterings of anxiety, a few “what if’s” rearing their ugly heads. I think this is inevitable, as we get older, time becomes more precious and we don’t want to waste it by getting something wrong or getting lost, but its just 2 weeks and despite no plan, the trip will be a success. Can’t wait!

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