Day 1. Porto

For those of you new to my walking blogs, I walk every year with my friend Anna so she’s the ‘we’ I refer to.

i did though, rather unceremoniously ditch her momentarily at security as her rucksack was hauled off for closer inspection. Her ‘sachets’ (very lightweight) of shampoo it turned out were the cause.

We arrived in Porto to glorious sunshine and caught the bus straight into town. A vibrant and buzzing place teeming with people. Beautiful old buildings, standing next to the inevitable Starbucks, Zara and Hard Rock Cafe. Evidence of extreme poverty and great wealth and a clearly thriving tourist industry.

Our first stop was the cathedral to collect Anna’s pilgrim passport. Like true Brits we took a numbered ticket and waited our turn, smiling sweetly at all the people who just went straight up to the counter ignoring our very loud protest glaring. God forbid we should actually say anything.

The cathedral was stunning but much smaller than I imagined. I had forgotten the sense of peace and calm that such buildings bring me and the awe they inspire in me for the men who built them.

From the Cathedral we took a tram ride down to the river, wandering in and out of the myriad of streets. The river was beautiful and we sat in the sunshine eating tapas and watching the river before a quad burning hike all the way back up to our hostel.

My camping towel is totally ineffectual so lying in my bunk, slightly damp and already feeling a little itchy from the hostel linen.

A rather rushed post as it’s late, I’ll do better tomorrow.







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