Day 10. Caldas to Escravitude 15 Miles

This is the candle I lit in the church in Padrón for my dear friend Caroline whose father died two nights ago and her mother last night. I found myself thinking about the enormity of this as I walked today. It made me feel like I was a million miles away and feeling a million miles away and at a loss to be able to offer any kind of support.

This walk is a strange existence. Hundreds of people, walking a path with a simple objective, mentally a million miles away from ‘everyday life’. The Camino is like a bubble where your world becomes very small. Your needs become very basic, a bed, a hot shower, hot food. I think it is good for us to experience this from time to time, to get some perspective on what is actually important. I love the luxuries most of us have in our lives, but it does no harm to be reminded that that is what they are and what we actually need on a day to day basis is much simpler.

It poured with rain today and we were wet through so rather a march through the miles and very few pictures. I spent a lovely 3kms in the company of Hugh from somewhere unspellable in Wales. We discussed Rugby and parenting and some of the people we had met, so easy was our chatting that it soon felt like we   had been friends for ages and yet I will probably not see him again.

The forecast for tomorrow is dreadful which is a shame as we will probably arrive in Santiago in the pouring rain, but we are just going to go to the Pilgrim mass and then head on to Finisterre.

The church in Padrón

This is the actual stone that they tied the boat, carrying the body of St James too.

Tonight’s bunks. Trying to dry all our kit.



1 thought on “Day 10. Caldas to Escravitude 15 Miles”

  1. Jo, what a hard thing for Caroline. And so hard when you can’t be there to comfort/help your friend. I know she can feel the candle you lit for her in Padron.

    That was a very cool church in Padron! And the monastery across the river was awesome too.

    I went to Finistere and to Muxia both after my Camino (by car). Finistere was pretty disappointing to me, but Muxia May be one of the most beautiful places I have ever experienced. They are about the same distance from Santiago. You might consider going to Muxia rather than Finistere.
    Stay dry. I hope you have an umbrella!
    Buen Camino. Cal and Nancy

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