Day 5. Ponte de Lima to Pescene 15 miles

Much easier day distance wise, but a massive hill in the middle of the day. One of those with endless false summits. Parts on the road and parts climbing over boulders up through the woods. At times, so steep you are bent over almost parallel to the road. Many more people about today. Saw the Spanish guys weaving their way after lunch and walked with 2 women from California for a while, both in their late 60’s. We lost them at the foot of the hill. Hope they made it.

There was a time when you could laugh with the Americans about Trump, now they laugh at us over Brexit. It would appear that we have become the joke nation.

i noticed today that we have already lost all sense of time, and the need to know the time. The day is broken down into Kilometres and rest stops. Breakfast is as close to 5km as we can get regardless of whether that means 6.30am or 8.30am. The same with lunch at about 15km. When all you have to do is walk, your measure becomes distance rather than time.

We decided last night to walk a little beyond the obvious stopping point on this stretch and we have found ourselves in an amazing little Casa. We have our own room and there is even a pool!! It was absolutely freezing, but like an ice bath it was incredibly restorative on our Weary legs. Another short day tomorrow as we are going to Tui, on the border with Spain. It’s supposed to be stunning so we are keen to get there early so we can explore. Added to which it’s supposed to be even hotter tomorrow so unlike “Mad dogs and Englishmen” we are keen to get out of the midday sun.

The Riviera from last night

The rocky path up hill

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