Day 6. Pescene to Tui 12 miles

It’s taken a few days, but today was my first day where my mind switched over into Pilgrim mentality. It’s an actual physical and mental thing. You stop obsessing about which part of your body is aching or sore, stop wondering where you might stop and how far you have gone. I have taken many less photos today because I wasn’t permanently checking the route on my phone and looking at everything as a potential ‘Kodak moment’. I just walked and suddenly we were on the bridge between Portugal and Spain.

Tui is beautiful, from the little I have seen so far. We arrived at about 1.30 as we had only walked 12 miles and checked in to the first Albergue/hostel we came to. There were no bunks left so we are in a room of our own with a double bed. Fortunately it is very big and Anna and I have had to share smaller before and the thought of going out into the heat to find somewhere else was beyond us.

We did though go out and get some lunch as below. Totally delicious bread and cheese and my absolute favourite, Padron peppers.

We were joined by Jim who we met last night, a Brit who has lived in New Zealand for 20 years. It’s funny to discuss people we have met on the way. Most of whom we don’t know the names of they are just “The German couple, she has a limp” “The Frenchman with the shell round his neck” “The Canadian girl whose like a club 18-30 rep”. I have mentioned her before.

Jim and Anna had a couple of large beers, and Jim has gone off to find his hotel and Anna, having been in Spain for a couple of hours has already adopted the idea of a Siesta and gone to bed, so I am doing this.

One of the things I noticed today is that we haven’t seen any children anywhere. It’s bizarre, Portugal seems to be entirely populated by elderly women dressed all in black and elderly men with their trousers held up by string. Apart from Porto and Barcelona, we haven’t really seen any young people.

Lovely walk around the Cathedral, the first really impressive one we have seen. We are only 1/2 mile from Portugal and there is a completely different feel. Admittedly this is the first Saturday we have been here, but the Spanish are out in force. Whole families taking to the streets as I take to my bed!

Valença on the Portuguese border

The bridge over the river Minho

Dancers to greet us

Garden in the center of the Cathedral

Amazing organ in the Cathedral




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  1. We actually took a rest day and taxied over to Tui and Valencia. We spent the whole day walking all over those two beautiful cities. Good food too. Glad you got to enjoy it as well since you were on a “short” day. Hope all is well with your blisters and your knee. Buen Camino.

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