Day 7. Tui to Redondela 21 miles

I have been asked if this experience is like the Camino I did 4 years ago. The principle is the same, you strap on your pack, you walk all day, seeing a country in a totally unique way. The difference is, the walk across Spain takes 6 weeks. To do that you have to put aside your normal life for a while. You become totally immersed in what you are doing and the people you are with. This Camino takes just 2 weeks. It can be done in your annual holiday, you can stay involved in your work, put things on hold for a short time.

You don’t see the same friendships forming. For those on their own, they can survive 2 weeks. For those with other people, there is less incentive to make friends with people you aren’t going to see after next week, so from that perspective it is very different.

Almost the most noticeable thing is the fact that people don’t smell as much, most people manage to wash themselves and their clothes enough over a couple of weeks, people tend to be a bit less fastidious over six weeks.

We are back in the usual routine, arrive at the hostel, check damage to feet, shower, do laundry, go and get something to eat. Have a look around the town we are staying in. Back to hostel (known here as Albergues. Only Pilgrims carrying the special pilgrim passport can stay here). Write blog, snooze and then out for light supper and bed.

Most mornings, my newly washed clothes are strung on the back of my rucksack to dry as they are always a bit damp. Most Pilgrims look like walking washing lines.

Food wise, it’s a carb lovers paradise bread and cakes are in abundance, as is meat. Fruit and veg are a little harder to come by, most evenings I end up having a mixed salad which is a salad with Tuna or a vegetarian salad which is also a salad with Tuna or a Tuna salad..yup, you’ve guessed it!

Apparently the weather is set to change tomorrow and Tuesday the forecast is for heavy rain. I really hope not, we have been so lucky so far.


A rather different waymarker
Early morning


Wasn’t sure about the scull and crossbones under this waymarker ?

Who ever decided purple was a good choice for bedding?!


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