Day 8. Redondela to Pontevedra 12.2 miles

What a difference the cooler weather makes. Most notably to my photos which look really dreary today.

I woke up this morning to find Anna on the opposite bunk, up and dressed and packed with her boots on. Despite there being about 40 people in our dorm, miraculously there were no snorers so slept like a log.

We are definitely fitter now. Only 12 miles today and we both felt good when we arrived in Pontevedra, we could have gone on, but it looks to be a nice place so worth stopping.

Great hostel with nice beds and a washing machine which is a real bonus. No towels so we are stuck with the camping towel which is useless.

Just been out in Pontevedra to try and find something more interesting to put in my post. All I can add is that the little place we found to eat told us that I couldn’t have Tortilla until 10.30pm and Anna couldn’t have the pie on a Monday. Like the true Pilgrims we are, I had the mixed salad which of course came with Tuna, and Anna had some potato cake concoction. Cheapest things on a rather expensive menu, washed down with water. They aren’t going to close early on our bill!

We still haven’t worked out what these are, but they are everywhere!

Much better colour scheme tonight!

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