Going Public


My Instagram followers are made up almost entirely of people I have never met or even heard of before I set up Midlife Highway. The exceptions are one I have met through Instagram and 3 who are very old friends.

The rest of my friends don’t even know about Midlife Highway. This comes down to how I think what I have to say will be perceived by the people who feel they know me best and whether this would subsequently alter the freedom of my writing and posting.

I have written before about the fact that we develop roles within our relationships with people either by necessity or choice. I have no role on Social Media, I am just me. I say what I think, no filter, no worrying about how I have behaved historically with anyone, just how I feel.

In 2 weeks time I am going on my annual 2 week walk. It’s always a bit of an adventure and I have historically written a blog. I want to share my story with my Instagram friends and my other friends and family. I am not going to write 2 blogs, so the trip will be written about here and my Midlife Highway will no longer be my space, but a public space.

But hey, what this whole social media experience has taught me is that you cant spend your time worrying what other people think about you. You just have to feel good about who you are and what you are doing, and I do.

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