Indomitable will


“Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from indomitable will” – Mahatma Gandhi

As I have got older, I have recognised a power shift in my body. My weak adolescent mind has become much stronger and more determined and my strong young body has become weaker. This is a less good balance, it doesnt matter if you are a bit weak willed when you are younger, nothing much does, but as you get older you need your body to be strong to see you through midlife and beyond.

We can have both inner and outer strength, but in order to maximise both, we need indomitable will. A determination to succeed at all costs. The refusal to be beaten by a task or goal that is set for us or we set up for ourselves.

I have 2 boys who are both very good at sports and they are probably on an equal footing when it comes to individual sports like golf, but when it comes to team sports, what differentiates them is their competitiveness, or lack of it. My competitive son thrives at team sports he has a determination to win, not quite at all costs, for his team, University or whoever and I believe this is what makes him a better sportsman. My other son does not have a competitive bone in his body and the performance you get from him is based entirely on his mood that day.

It is this that makes me realise that you need to have fight and drive and ambition to really succeed. You’ve got to want it, make it your priority the ‘can’t be arsed today’ approach just isn’t going to get the job done. So I will find that indomitable will and push on through the challenges that life presents, and as long as my mind is firing on all cylinders, they’ll be no slacking from my body!

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