Information overload

Remember, this is just my view, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me!

Having had a couple of weeks with no news, no outside information filtering in, just living each day as it comes, just a couple of days back and I feel bombarded with information.

I confess to being one of those people who Google’s their symptoms the minute I feel unwell and nothing good ever comes of it. I’m nearly always dying of cancer or some disease you can only get from being bitten by a rabid dog. If I didn’t have access to all this information I am not trained to understand I would probably just accept the reality that I had a cold.

My mother always used to say there are far too many parenting books forcing mothers to question everything they do instead of going with their natural instincts as mothers have been doing for centuries.

I’m afraid I feel like that about the menopause, it’s everywhere, news, documentaries, magazine articles, forums etc and women everywhere are celebrating this. Not me, to be honest, I’m rather bored of hearing about it. It’s not something new. Women have been going through the menopause for centuries. I don’t believe there is a woman out there who has got to their fifties and thought “why on earth am I sweating” or “my moods seem to be a bit up and down at the moment”. We don’t have endless discussions on childbirth, we all know what it is and what’s going to happen, why do we have to endlessly discuss the menopause.

I think it’s a good thing to know about the remedies that can help, but they are freely available to anyone who wants them. I know I’m going to be in the minority on this, but the point of this blog is that it’s my views. I just think we have turned menopause into some sort of plague. Many people who would just be getting on with it will now be forced to wonder if they are dealing with it in the right way, should they be eating more of a certain food, exercising in a different way taking a certain supplement, instead of trusting themselves to know what is best for their bodies.

Too much information is not always a good thing.


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