It goes without saying that I absolutely and unconditionally love my kids, but sometimes. OMG!!

When they are away most of the time and then they come home all together and suddenly there is no food in the fridge, no beers anywhere and laundry everywhere.

Their lives are also so chaotic, they make plans every 5 minutes which all then overlap. They will go miles out of their way to make something cheaper as they have no money and stacks of time.

What they call ‘banter’ sounds to me like bickering however jokey it is. Their sports discussions on teams and players are endless and go round and round in circles.

Then, in a flurry of packing, raiding my wallet and promises to message when they get to their destination (which they never remember to do), they are gone, and I am bereft and longing for them to come back and turn my world upside down again.

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