“Mothers Day”


I have posted this photo of my children 10 years ago as I think this was my most “mothering phase” they grew up quick my kids when they realised that there slightly dulally mother would sometimes be the one that needed looking after!

‘Motherhood’ suggests we are “in da hood” part of some elite gang, but actually I believe that almost all women are mothers, even if they are mothers to children who aren’t their own. Very few women do not have children in their lives at all, they are either aunts, godmothers, friends of women with kids, and at some stage they will have looked after those kids and taken on the ‘mother role’

Here’s the thing though, I don’t think we have a natural motherly instinct. Some kids really annoy me, I just cant make myself like them, I have been known to gently nudge with my foot (alright, kick, but gently) under the water, some annoying child in a swimming pool, I don’t really like ‘in your face’ ,loud, show off kids, their parents call it endearing and chatty, I call it down right irritating. You will probably think I am a dreadful person, but I am just being honest. Having children in your life is a wonderful enriching thing, but its also really hard work and you aren’t going to like everyone that you come into contact with.

What I have learnt, is, that like everything else in this weird world, you have to negotiate the motherhood path, try and avoid the obvious pitfalls, try and keep an open mind, reign in impatience and make sure your sense of humour is on full charge. You do that and you’ll have the time of your life.

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