Moving on …..

I think my blog can most definitely be described as a tiny acorn, whether it can grow into a great oak remains to be seen and now, looking at that quote it feels very presumptuous! Probably should have said “From tiny acorns, there may come a few more tiny acorns depending on how much time I have” but that doesnt quite have the same ring to it.

Actually, on the subject of growing things, has anyone actually kept an avocado stone in their kitchen and grown anything from it because I certainly haven’t. Still waiting for the apple pips I planted as a child to start putting in some growing effort.

I digress, not surprisingly. All I really wanted to say to anyone who has kindly come over here from Instagram, is that this is what I always wanted to do. Many of you have been kind enough to say that I should put my Friday posts on what I have learnt into a book, but lets start here. I am going to go back over my posts and pick out the most valuable or bizarre or humorous lessons and expand upon them. I may start with the one about being “Up shit creek without a paddle” personally, I would never go willingly into a creek of poo with 2 paddles let alone none.

I do appreciate that many people are struggling physically and emotionally to stay positive through these difficult times and I hope that my blog may be able to bring some light and laughter to your days and some thoughts to ponder if you lie awake at night.

More to come very soon…….

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