Shaved Heads

What’s with all the head shaving that seems to be going on while people are in isolation. I hasten to add, my husband and my son have both had the clippers out already and if the dog isn’t quick enough, he is going to be next.

My husband who did not have much hair left decided that if he wasn’t going to see anyone for 12 weeks, does it matter what he looks like. I pointed out that it had only taken him 4 days to decide that my opinion no longer mattered and I am now just under the government umbrella of ‘household’.

It is a strange concept being ‘confined’ to the home and not one that I am having too much trouble with. Bizarrely, I thought that I would find myself making the few jobs I need to do each day last as long as possible. On the contrary, I have actually become much more efficient, because I’m not rushing around in the car trying to do 20 things at once, my mind is sharper and more focused on the tasks at hand.

Similarly, because I feel its important to have some kind of routine in the house (there are 6 of us) my time management is better. I don’t start one thing and then drift into something else and forget the task I first started.

There is time for meal planning and time for meal preparation. Deciding what we are going to eat and then making it from scratch. I even made chicken stock yesterday. Normally I would look at a chicken carcass and say “I should make chicken stock with that” and then throw it in the bin.

I’m not entirely sure where the head shaving comes into all this, maybe its just because it will have time to grow before the world has to confront a mass of baldness. The makers of the game ‘guess who’ are going to have to invent a whole new set of characters to represent a greater cross section of the public. That aside, I am all for anything that unites us, there is strength in numbers and we are going to need it in the weeks ahead.

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  1. I think the head shaving comes into play when alcohol has been involved, after a couple drinks, the barber is closed oh I can just trim my hair… You cannot trim your hair. Have a good day Jo!

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