The dating game….no thanks


I have been married for 24 years to my perfect man, we are polar opposites in most things, but instead of this causing tension, it creates balance.

I have a great friend who has started going out with a man 12 years younger than her, I say man, frankly I consider anyone whose age starts with a 3 to be little more than a boy. She is herself like some love struck teenager and is buzzing with sexual tension and excitement rather than reaching for her brush cotton floor length nightdress and hot chocolate like me.

She is going on dates, weekends away and all the other things my husband and I did when we first met, am I jealous, no. Nostalgic, yes. Those days were so much fun, full of excitement and anticipation and newness and as wonderful as my relationship is now, it has grown and evolved and will never be exactly like that again.

To be honest, if I found myself single now, I’m not sure I would have the energy to start again. Even with a man who was not raging with testosterone and the energy of a toddler. The very thought of being naked in front of another man, trying to get undressed without hopping around on one leg trying to get my skinny jeans off my foot. You wouldn’t be able to say things like “shall I get my legs waxed now, or wait until the hairs are poking out of my jeans?” As for other waxing, Pretty sure that you would need to be totally hair free these days. I have never been able to go to the loo if someone can hear, even in front of my husband I get stage fright. Someone new and I would have to have my bathroom in an adjoining building. I don’t want my first thought in the morning to be “does my breath smell like Ive been eating garbage in my sleep” I want my first thought to be, “today is going to be awesome” which is what I tell myself now.

So in short, as fun and exciting as my friends life is right now, I wouldn’t exchange it for the love, stability, friendship, fun and security that I have now. We have our own adventures still to experience and honestly, who really wants to go through that will he/wont he call/message/pay/turn up/stay the night etc all over again. Not me!

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