The night before….

The mind is a funny thing, I am a mixture of excitement and nerves. It’s the start of an adventure which is exciting, but the next two weeks stretches ahead as a great unknown and a physical challenge that I am not sure my body will stand.

I have packed and repacked. It’s like a really unsatisfactory Christmas stocking, delving into the bottom only to discover another pair of pants or t shirt. In a hotel at the airport tonight so have taken the travel size toiletries and just contemplating the sewing kit.

Perhaps sleep is the best option while I have the luxury of a room to myself, from tomorrow I will be sharing with my fellow pilgrims as we all start our walk. Different nationalities, ages and reasons for embarking on the Camino, but all with the common goal of making it to Santiago de Compostela.

6 thoughts on “The night before….”

  1. Best of luck to the two intrepid pilgrims: Anna and Joanna. May your poles not break, may your knees hold strong, may your packs be light, may there be new friend galore, Nancy and I wish you a Buen Camino! Have a cool and awesome adventure!
    Cal and Nancy

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