The Simple Life


One of the things that I loved most about my time walking the Camino de Santiago was the simplicity of each day and I am experiencing some of the same feelings now.

Walking the Camino, there is only one thing you have to do each day, walk. There are other things you do like sight see and shop for food, but really, you don’t feel the need to do anything but walk. Now, what do I have to do each day, well nothing actually. I have realised how many of the things I do each day are unnecessary or time consuming now that I am forced to just be at home. There are plenty of things that I might choose to do under other circumstances, but nothing I have to do.

One of the other things I loved about my trip was all the wonderful people I met. While I am absolutely not meeting new people at the moment, I am reconnecting with people I had maybe lost touch with along the way and learning what they have been doing with their lives in the last few years. In the same way as on the Camino where your paths may cross for a few days and then you don’t see people again, I am not expecting to necessarily see the people I have reconnected with. Our lives have gone in different directions which is why we lost touch in the first place, but its been good to reconnect however briefly.

Life at the moment has been stripped down to its most simple state. Health and well being, and a dependence on others and this is what the Camino is too. In order to complete the journey, you have to stay physically and mentally strong and rely on others to help you get through. Aren’t we all experiencing that now.

We are learning to live a more simple existence, there is no room for excess. You do what has to be done and nothing more. When I came back from my walk, I vowed that I would continue to live as simple an existence as possible, it didnt last long as ‘real’ life got in the way. I think and hope that some of the lessons we have all learnt from this experience, last a little longer.

4 thoughts on “The Simple Life”

  1. So much to learn from the simple life. I too love that we go “back to basics”, to that simplicity and living with what we need. I often ponder on the necessary versus the unnecessary and how we can truly simplify our lives if we only listened to our inner voice. Thanks so much for sharing Jo!

    1. We are often too busy ‘doing’ and we should probably be a bit busier thinking about whether it needs to be done ?

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