To give up or not give up, that is the question

It’s been a while since I posted because I found myself trying to write thought provoking meaningful prose for some reason and I am no good at that so found I couldn’t get a post written. This blog was supposed to be an extended version of what I wrote about on Instagram, and lets face it, there wasn’t a lot of thought provoking going on there, so Ive gone back to my ‘thing’ which is random thoughts and half arsed ideas and here we are…. 

Today is the first day of Lent which normally prompts a lengthy discussion about what we are all going to give up between now and Easter mostly by people like me who hardly ever go to church and really, the only Christian we know goes by the surname of Grey. That aside, I do like the discipline of Lent, it gives me a chance to examine which of my addictions I still have some control over. This year however, I find myself wondering what is there left to give up? 

I could give up getting out of bed altogether, the supermarket, doing laundry, cooking endless meals, but I think the true spirit of Lent is to deprive myself, not send my household into free fall panic. I could give up Amazon shopping, but unemployment is bad enough without Amazon having to lay off staff because Mrs Davies in Coln Rogers has stopped shopping. 

I think I might give up saying to my children “come home whenever you like” they haven’t listened to a word I have said for years and yet this they take as something they must listen to and do with frightening regularity. I’m back to 5 adults in my house again which feels like 10 as they all seem to be the height of 2 regular sized people. When they sit down opposite each other I have to play a weird type of hop scotch to get from one side of the room to the other.

In other news….just when I thought I had reached the pinnacle of absentmindedness by getting into the car with the lasagne on my lap having put my handbag in the oven, the other night I spent about 20 mins stumbling around my bedroom in the dark trying to identify the very annoying buzzing I could hear, I tried putting my ear plugs in to no avail. It was only when I told my very unsympathetic husband that I was going to sleep in the spare room to escape the dreadful buzzing and found that I could hear it in there too, that I realised that the sound was actually just in my head.

This little episode prompted me to reintroduce some yoga and meditation back into my life to try and regain some focus and live ‘in the moment’.  Trouble is, sometimes I dont like ‘the moment’ on the whole its not nearly as much fun as deciding what I’m going to do with my lottery winnings when I win. Wondering what song I would sing for an audition on the X factor or what would be my best signature bake if I was ever on Bake off.

Briefly returning to the start of this post and the idea of giving things up. Back in November, I decided to start eating plant based. No slow experimentation with meat free Mondays for me, just straight in. Its actually been relatively easy, apart from having to get up early to milk the oats. Its interesting though how people assume you have had some sort of personality by pass, that by choosing not to eat animal products you are suddenly a giant pain in their arse, have no sense of humour and are moments away from wearing cheesecloth and growing out your armpit hair. I’m channeling my inner herbivore and thinking gazelle, but unless they open up the salons soon Ill be channeling a gorilla!

Whether you decide to give anything up this lent or not, the most important thing to remember is not to bore everyone else with it!

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  1. Hi Jo. It’s Saturday morning here in NZ and I miss your IG rants, so read your blog instead. It was just what I needed.
    Hope all is going well over there for you.

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