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This morning I watched as Captain Tom, a 100 year old war veteran completed 100 laps of his garden. His aim was to raise £1,000. Currently the total stands at over £12 million. The report went on to interview a succession of people who had raised money for the NHS. This was followed by interviews with nurses, care home assistants and parents caring for their handicapped children at home.

Social media is full of images of people baking, creating beautiful paintings, gardens and home make overs. Not to mention all the people exercising and juicing and cleansing and basically giving their whole lives a makeover.

It’s enough to make a person sitting in their garden in the sunshine feel a little inadequate, but actually I am not going to. I am a happy go lucky person for the most part. I am happy to go with the flow, but I do like to know where the flow is going so this endless uncertainty is tricky for me. I also like my own company. It’s fun in my head by myself. I haven’t been alone for more than about 15 minutes for over a month and thats only because I’m getting supper ready and no one wants to come into the kitchen in case they have to help! Being around people all the time is a challenge for me.

If I was in lockdown on my own, I think that I would come out looking like I had been on a health farm. Instead, I am going to come out looking like I have been working in a hotel and taking way too much advantage of the free food. If I was just catering for myself, I would be eating small salads, but I am living with people who have the metabolisms of race horses and need great big meals at least 3 times a day and there are biscuits cake and chocolate everywhere. I am exercising and trying to eat sensibly, but its hard work when you have the willpower of a gnat.

So I may not be running marathons or shaving my head, but I am doing my bit, I am staying at home, I am keeping my family at home. I am looking after my sons girlfriend who couldn’t get back to her family in the states and it may not be much, but each day is a challenge and just because its not spectacular doesnt mean its not real.

Be proud of whatever you are doing at the moment however small, for nearly all of us, this is well outside our comfort zone so you are doing your bit by just getting through a day at a time. Be proud of that.


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  1. My sentiments exactly and the same vein as you blog post ! I can’t imagine how you would have time to fit in anything else, it does sound like you are running a small, full catering inclusive hotel. Can I book in? Surviving each day and being as kind as humanly possible is enough. Anything more than that is a bonus. We can regroup and normalise once this is over. Take care, Jo xoxo

    1. Thanks Rachael, I know you feel the same. Sometimes I feel that it’s enough to just not fall off the treadmill. Stay safe and well ?

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