What I learnt this week…..

I have been writing my Friday lessons learn posts for over a year now. Yesterday was the first one I missed, so I thought I would just put a few on here. The photo is where I am in isolation. Not too bad ?

1. My kids can produce laundry like a magician pulls a never ending handkerchief out of his sleeve.

2. If your fridge is full, everyone takes what they need From the front so you end up with 2 open milk, 2 open yoghurt, 3 open cheese and about 6 avocado halves all black.

3. When you cant go to the shops all the time you become very resourceful with your left overs. I have frozen my over ripe bananas which no one would eat as the skin had gone black. I have used the juice from old lemons to clean my glass vases and when I found an old bottle of white vinegar in the back of my larder when I was clearing out, I used it to remove limes ale.

4. Some people look on the Corona virus as a plague. I know my neighbour wanted to paint a Red Cross on my door when he thought I had the virus.

5. Who knew that what would usually be a pointless kids craze in the form of Tik Tok could become a family obsession.

6 I have seen too many films. Struggling to find something I haven’t seen before.

7. I have paired up all the odd socks in my house.

8. If you are receiving unwanted attention from anyone including family members, you just have to cough.

9. Marie Kondo had too much time on her hands. Even with all this time on my hands, I cant find time to do my cupboards.

It’s Saturday and even though the last 10 days have all been the same, it still feels like the weekend. So back to the sofa and movie surfing for me



3 thoughts on “What I learnt this week…..”

  1. 1. Both Kids live out of house, I don’t have that problem
    2. Or you look in a full fridge and say there is nothing to eat
    3. I made a banana bread with moldy bananas
    4. Just social distance and wash your hands.
    5. I have decided I do not have time for that, I embarrass myself enough on my Instagram let alone tik tok.
    6. I am going to start Ozarks.
    7. I still have to go through my thrifted clothing.
    8. But my aunt coughs and says she is concerned and I say you do that all the time. Hence why I could never be in the medical field I am a tough old bird, buck up your fine. haha
    9. Yeah maybe we want what she’s smoking, I know my mess will be there tomorrow.
    Have a great Saturday snacking and surfing.

    1. Thanks gorgeous. I loved the Ozarks series and if my trip to the US had not been cancelled I was going to go walking there. Hope things are ok with you. We get such mixed reports of what is going on in the States. Take care ?

      1. So far so good. Glad to still be in contact with you my friend. I have been walking a lot. Today it is rainy and wet so I am trying to figure out a way to keep myself moving, anything to avoid actual cleaning haha! I have started styling my thrifty clothes as past movie characters, such a dork, but since I cant wear them out I may as well be creative. Stay healthy and safe and have the kids wait on you now and again. Love

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