Whats with the sweating?


What the hell?? This must be one of the worst things about the peri menopause – is that even what its called – its intolerable. You can be just going about your day perfectly happily and then Wham! It is literally like someone has turned up the thermostat. It starts in my back and my face and writhing seconds I am stripping off as many clothes as decency will allow.

The other thing thats weird, is that if you are in bed and you are ‘normal’ hot, you can just push the covers off and instantly cool down, but oh no, not with the hot flushing. Even if you throw off the duvet, its like your body has to reach maximum temperature before it can cool down again.

Through trial and error, I have figured out some things

1. Take the most expensive sage supplement you can afford

2. Do not drink a hot drink within an hour before you go to bed

3. Keep a damp flannel by the bed

4. If you have long hair, sleep with it tied up.

5 Keep hydrated. There is no doubt that being dehydrated exacerbates the problem.

6. Obvious things like sleeping in as little as you are comfortable with, cool room, light bedding.

These things all make it much better, but they aren’t a cure. HRT will get rid of them completely, but I really don’t want to go down that route when I can manage it myself without messing with my bodies natural hormonal change.

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