”Why not?” Vs “Why bother?”


The daily dilemma! So easy to think “I’m 50, who do I need to impress? Why am I not eating chocolate and sitting on the sofa watching TV?”

The answer is, I don’t  need to impress anyone. When I was in my 20’s and 30’s I would look at other people and think that if  I lost a few pounds or toned up a bit I could look like them. But now I know I don’t need to be a certain weight or enter endless marathons with some misguided sense of social stereotyping. This is the time of life when I am doing it for me. And it’s not just the food I eat or the exercise I take, as wives and or mothers you are always thinking of the impact of your actions or whether it’s worth the effort, but not anymore. Now I choose “Why not?” Over “Why bother?”

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